May 10, 2016


Wendy Davis Has Incredible Life Advice For Future Wendy Davises

I first heard about Wendy Davis on my Facebook feed. I think of a lot of us did. “Have you heard about this Senator with the pink sneakers?” I asked friends at the time. “There’s an anti-abortion bill in Texas that she’s trying to stop, and she’s holding court until time runs out so they can’t pass it.”

In June 2013, that was all I knew. But since then, Wendy Davis and her 13-hour long filibuster have become truly iconic. The bill in question was written to restrict abortion access across Texas, shortening windows for when they can happen and effectively shutting down most clinics with new, difficult-to-implement rules. If it sounds familiar in 2016, that’s because the bill ultimately passed in Texas but went on to be fought at the Supreme Court this year.