Jun 27, 2016

Rolling Stone

Wendy Davis on Abortion-Rights Win and Why Women Should Fear Trump

Three years ago, almost to the day, Wendy Davis filibustered for 13 hours against a piece of Texas legislation designed to drastically reduce access to abortion in the state, especially for Texas' most vulnerable individuals.

Despite Davis' efforts, and the national attention she brought to the issue, the bill ended up passing during a special session of the state legislature, and a nasty and prolonged legal battle ensued. We saw the culmination of that battle this morning, when the Supreme Court issued a decision in favor of the Texas abortion provider that was fighting to keep its doors — and the doors of other clinics that have been forced to close under HB 2 — open in the state.

Davis, who recently launched a women's-rights nonprofit, talked to Rolling Stone shortly after the decision came down about how it feels to finally get some good news in the realm of reproductive rights, her hopes and fears about the upcoming election and why she's hopeful for the future of gender equality.