Bozoma Saint John

I want things to be great for people of color and for women. For us to be able to show up at work, do our best work, and be appreciated for that work

August is #BlackBusinessMonth. For the next four weeks, we will be spotlighting some kick-ass black women making waves in the business world!

Bozoma Saint John kicks us off! Formerly the head of global consumer marketing for iTunes and Apple, Saint John recently became the first Chief Brand Officer for Uber. Her amazingly humanizing ad campaigns for Apple not only pushed for better representation in mainstream media, but also got her the job at Uber where she aims to change the company's less-than-stellar record of its treatment of women. As an African-American single mom, Saint John is expected to make big changes within Uber's corporate climate, and the tech industry on the whole. We could not be more excited to watch her do it!…/22/st…/uber-bozoma-saint-john.html