Danica Roem

I'm Danica Roem, or as the Washington Post web editors like to call me, the transgender candidate.

We applaud allthe campaigners, grassroots activists, and politicians taking a stand this year; you are making history! Especially Danica Roem, the first openly transgender person to be elected to a state legislature and an all around passionate, brave and inspiring soul. Danica embraces the values of equality, respect and inclusion that we at Deeds Not Words strive to promote. Danica Roem campaigned on local issues her constituents cared about, from improving local highways to supporting equal rights for all in her life-long home of Manassas, Virginia. Her win is not just a political victory, but a step forward for society and a glimpse at what the future will look like. Danica, we support you and the legacy of hope you are creating!