Sage Carson

The reality is one side is student survivors who have faced violence and simply want to have equal access to education, and the other is rapists who want to be able to abuse people freely.

Sage Carson, is standing up to DeVos and her rhetoric that tips the balance of due process in favor of those who have been accused of assault rather than the victims of sexual assault themselves. As manager of Know Your IX, a survivor and youth led organization that has been recognized by POLITICO as one of the top 50 influencers on American politics, Sage is advocating for those whose lives will be most affected by DeVos’s next move.During her college years in Delaware, Sage created a petition to advocate for survivors. Just this week she helped coordinate a protest outside of Antonin Scalia Law School where Betsy DeVos was discussing her plans to overhaul Title IX. Sage is passionate and an important influencer who has huge impact on institutions and individuals across the United States. Thanks, Sage, for bringing hope and a voice to survivors and advocates everywhere!