Texas Women Running for Office

You can’t make the team if you don’t try out.

This week marked the beginning of the 2018 primaries, an event which served as the first opportunity in a regular election for voters to speak up and out about their dissatisfaction with political representation since the November 2016 election. Case in point: this week's #Changemakers.

More than half of the Texas primary winners were women! With women of color being represented in the congressional primaries, Senator Sylvia Garcia and Veronica Escobar could become the first two Latinas ever to represent Texas in Congress. 

With a record number of women running for office across the country, Texas serves as a bellwether of what we can expect in upcoming races elsewhere. As you’ve heard it said before: You can’t make the team if you don’t try out. Well, if Texas is any indication, we’re going to see a lot more women making the “team.”