The women who told their stories about Eric Schneiderman

Speaking truth to power is never easy.

In the age of the #MeToo movement, Eric Schnedierman painted himself as the portrait of a feminist ally. He vowed to fight for the victims of Weinstein, hold corrupt government officials accountable, and move legislation forward that would provide support to survivors of sexual assault. He seemed, in short, like a legal superhero. So when four women came forward with their own stories of systematic physical and verbal abuse -- it was shocking. 

Speaking truth to power is never easy. It's even harder when that power commands the office of the New York Attorney General and is a self-proclaimed champion of women. 

If you haven't had an opportunity to read this week's New Yorker piece and hear the powerful stories of these women, please do. Their stories deserve to be heard. Their experiences demand justice.

Each time someone gathers the courage to come forward and speak truth to power about the abuse they've endured, it emboldens another person to find the courage to do the same.  Thank you to these four brave women who've paved the way for someone else to speak up.  By calling out their own sexual and physical abuse, they've taken an important step in hastening the end to this kind of behavior.