Our Impact

Victories in the Capitol.

In 2017 we trained over 500 young women on majority-minority high school and college campuses and we’ve continued our support and opportunities for activism with them. Unique to our efforts is the sustainability of our training. Rather than helicoptering in with a one-time training and resulting lobby day, we support our young women throughout the legislative process from start to finish and we continue our communications and support for them beyond the legislative session.

Their success speaks for itself. In the 2017 legislative session, our advocates supported ten pieces of legislation focused on sexual assault and sex trafficking reforms, provided real world context for implementation of that legislation, testified at committee hearings and organized their peers to do the same. Their efforts culminated in the successful passage of seven pieces of legislation targeting these issues.

If the society today allows wrongs to go unchallenged, the impression is created that those wrongs have the approval of the majority.

-Barbara Jordan

Legislative Victories

  • HB 281: Established a statewide electronic rape kit tracking system
  • HB 1729: Established a grant program to fund the testing of rape kits
  • HB 3152: Requires a hospital without expertise to collect a rape kit to provide transportation of the victim to a hospital that does
  • SB 969: Protects college students who may be violating college student code themselves from getting in trouble if they are reporting incidents of sexual assault
  • SB 2039: Created a statewide curriculum in Texas high schools for the prevention of sex trafficking of minors
  • SB 966: Protects college students from legal prosecution for underage drinking when reporting incidents of sexual assault
  • SB 968: Requires Texas colleges and universities to create an electronic reporting system for purposes of reporting sexual assault

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