Jun 03, 2016

The Guardian

'I was just flesh with no face, no name': five women on being objectified

From inappropriate comments to stares on a sidewalk, many women have stories about times they felt objectified – their personality and experience diminished to simply being female. Guardian columnist Jessica Valenti’s new book Sex Object delves into this experience, from her own tales of being accosted on the subway as a teenager. We asked women to tell us about the first time they felt objectified for being female – and the last time they experienced it.

Wendy Davis, 53, former representative in the Texas senate and founder of Deeds Not Words:

The first time

At my first interview for a judicial clerkship in Texas, the judge, an older white gentleman who had been on the bench for many years, leaned back in his chair, put his two big cowboy-booted feet on his desk and said: “You ain’t going to go get pregnant any time soon, are ya?”