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We're The #ChangeMakers

About Us.

At Deeds Not Words, we believe in walking the walk, not just talking the talk. We understand that positive change happens only when we come together and unite around a shared cause. We strive for a world where everyone is equal, with a specific focus on gender equity and its attainment through:

  • access to reproductive rights, healthcare and justice
  • freedom from sexual assault and harassment, and
  • economic opportunity, including pay equity, paid sick and family leave, and affordable quality childcare

Our college and high school civic engagement and advocacy programs provide real world advocacy training for young women so that you can successfully push for the change needed to realize a gender equal world. We believe in providing you with the tools to make change today, while developing the skills to become our needed leaders of tomorrow.

To date, our advocates have been instrumental in addressing issues of sexual assault and sex trafficking, helping to pass 25 bills on these issues in the last two legislative sessions in Texas. This session, our advocates are continuing to push for an agenda that seeks to prevent and appropriately respond to sexual assault, while also tackling issues of maternal mortality, menstrual equity, teen pregnancy prevention and more.

We can not all succeed when half of us are held back.

Malala Yousafzai

We’ve always believed that helping to channel the power to be an effective advocate is an important first step toward increasing appreciation for and connection to the civic and political process. But we also recognize that the Millennial and GENZ generations represent one of the largest untapped voting blocs in the country. We provide resources and support so that these potential voters will not only vote themselves, but also to enlist their peers in seeing and acting upon the connection between their desire to drive change on issues and their participation at the ballot box.

In short, Deeds Not Words is a starting point for turning ideas into action.

Join us. Because we’re the #ChangeMakers.

Click here to support legal cost of frontline workers and doctors who could be sued under the new Texas anti-abortion law.

Proceeds from this fund will be used to support an indemnification fund to protect frontline workers and medical professionals who could be sued under the new Texas anti-abortion law, SB8.