Jun 27, 2016


Wendy Davis on SCOTUS and the Election: ‘Trump is No Friend to Women’

Former Texas State Senator Wendy Davis made history almost 3 years ago when she filibustered against HB 2, a controversial law that put medical restrictions on the state’s abortion providers, which the Supreme Court has struck down. Though the law was passed, Davis continued to fight back, speaking out against anti-abortion rights legislation and unsuccessfully running for governor of Texas in 2014. In 2016, Davis launched a nonprofit called Deeds Not Words, which aims to help women lobby for the changes they want.

Speaking to Motto, Davis said she was “overwhelmed, in a very good way” by the ruling this morning. “Starting that day in the Texas capital with the women who so bravely shared their stories, to the ‘unruly mob’ in the gallery who kept us going past midnight, to organizations like Planned Parenthood and the Center for Reproductive Rights and the Texas Policy Evaluation Project…This has been a tremendous effort costing energy and money, and today is a vindication for everyone involved.”

Motto spoke with Davis after the ruling.