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Deeds Not Words

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There’s so much that needs to change—and so much red tape to navigate – it’s hard to know where to start.

Let's Start Here

”You won’t change things unless you are prepared to fight”

- Wendy Davis


Our Founder

Wendy Davis

Way back before she was a Texas State Senator and candidate for governor, Wendy Davis was in our shoes. Juggling school, career, and single motherhood and staring down the issues that young women face every day.

Now, as a tireless and tenacious champion for women’s rights, Wendy knows no change comes without walking the walk. From her 13-hour filibuster in the Texas State Senate to her legislative efforts to support the LGBT community, Wendy has pushed for progress. Again and again. And she’s still pushing.

Wendy founded Deeds Not Words to give women the tools we need to make real progress – with our passion, our persistence, and our deeds.

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Our Generation Z #Changemakers are working to ensure that Women achieve Freedom from sexual assault, realize Economic opportunity, and Menstrual equity. They're also fighting for the right to be healthy - from access to Reproductive Rights to Maternal Health improvements. We hope you'll become one of our #Changemakers and join the fight at our Advocacy Day on March 27th!