Ending Campus Sexual Assault

A recent study conducted by the University of Texas System revealed that 1 in 4 of their students had experienced unwanted sexual contact and/or assault while attending classes at one of their campuses.  This information tracks with previously reported data regarding the incidence of sexual assault on college campuses across the country. We believe that ending campus sexual assault requires a two-pronged approach that is focused on both prevention and response.  


Working with organizations such as End Rape on Campus, Know Your IX, Not On My Campus and Victims Against Violence, we are focused on bringing best practices for prevention programs to our institutions of higher education, working at the administrative level to accomplish better policies and systems for educating student populations on state-of-the art prevention programs.

A recent study revealed that
1 in 4 of their students had
experienced unwanted sexual contact
and/or assault while attending

University of Texas System


Against the backdrop of a presidential administration that has worked to weaken Title IX’s protections against sexual assault on college campuses, we are working with state lawmakers to re-institute better and more proactive standards at the state level.  #Webelieve survivors and support a standard of review for assault allegations that creates a supportive environment for survivors to come forward and to receive a just response to their claims.

Our Work

Last session, we were proud that our Deeds’ advocates were instrumental in passing key legislation to create a safer environment through which students could report instances of sexual assault, whether as victims or as active bystanders.  Going forward, we will continue to advocate for an increasingly supportive environment for reporting and will oppose efforts to weaken the due process rights of victims.

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Our Generation Z #Changemakers are working to ensure that Women achieve Freedom from sexual assault, realize Economic opportunity, and Menstrual equity. They're also fighting for the right to be healthy - from access to Reproductive Rights to Maternal Health improvements. We hope you'll become one of our #Changemakers and join the fight at our Advocacy Day on March 27th!