Abortion and Other Reproductive Rights

Deeds Not Words is proud to be a part of a statewide coalition supporting women’s reproductive rights.  The “Trust, Respect, Access” coalition: Trusts Texans to make their own reproductive health care decisions, including the timing and spacing of their children; Respects the dignity of Texans to make their own health care decisions, and the medical and ethical judgment of health care professionals about the care each patient needs; and believes in Access to abortion for all Texans and that all families should have the support they need to thrive.

Our legislative agenda centers around these ideals, supporting proactive positions to guarantee them and defending against efforts to further unwind them.

We are particularly focused on the reproductive freedoms and rights of young women to reproductive autonomy, including access to accurate, scientifically based sex education programs and affordable or no-cost access to contraception (including long acting reversible contraceptives.  Following the exemplary model set by the state of Colorado (which resulted in a 65% decrease in teen pregnancy), Deeds advocates will work to reduce teen pregnancy through access to information and contraceptive care.

We won't stop until all Texans have the ability to make their own reproductive choices. Learn about our work to fight back.


RT @AdvocatesTweets: Join us for a panel discussion about advocating for abortion access on HBCU campuses and what the potential impact…


Click here to support legal cost of frontline workers and doctors who could be sued under the new Texas anti-abortion law.

Proceeds from this fund will be used to support an indemnification fund to protect frontline workers and medical professionals who could be sued under the new Texas anti-abortion law, SB8.