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Membership card

Signing up for a Deeds Not Words membership card offers several benefits and opportunities for individuals who are passionate about creating positive change and advocating for social justice. Does this sound like you? If so, you will receive:

✨ Community Connection: Joining as a member connects you with like-minded individuals who share a commitment to social change. Membership includes access to a community forum, networking events, and collaboration opportunities with fellow members and Deeds Not Words staff.

✨ Stay Informed: Members have direct access to staying informed about the latest updates, campaigns, and advocacy efforts led by Deeds Not Words. Receive regular newsletters, updates, and insights directly relevant to the causes you care about.

✨ Direct Engagement: This membership provides avenues for direct engagement with Deeds Not Words. This may include participating in member-exclusive events, having a say in organizational decisions, and being invited to contribute ideas and feedback.

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Click here to support legal cost of frontline workers and doctors who could be sued under the new Texas anti-abortion law.

Proceeds from this fund will be used to support an indemnification fund to protect frontline workers and medical professionals who could be sued under the new Texas anti-abortion law, SB8.