News · 03.3.17

A Day Without a Woman

A Day Without a Woman

On Wednesday, March 8, women are encouraged to join A Day Without a Woman, a national strike coinciding with International Women’s Day that was planned by the Women’s March on Washington in an ongoing effort to defend women’s rights in the current political climate. Organizers want to use the day to draw attention to the impact women, including transwomen, and gender nonconforming folks, have on the economy while systematically earning less money and experiencing higher rates of discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace.

Influenced by the strikes of New York’s Yemeni immigrant store owners and Feb. 16’s Day Without Immigrants, women are encouraged to take March 8 off work and avoid making economic contributions (with exceptions for small, women- and minority-owned businesses). Organizers suggest strikers use the day to attend rallies, marches, or support community nonprofits.

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