News · 05.31.16



A year and a half after her gubernatorial loss to Greg Abbott, Wendy Davis is back in the spotlight. The filibuster star and newly minted grandmother has moved to Austin and is launching a nonprofit with a mission to do what she does best: inspire young women to be change agents.

F. Scott Fitzgerald famously proclaimed that there are no second acts in American lives, but he didn’t live long enough to meet Wendy Davis. And if he did, she’d be likely to call him on it—and maybe have a few words of sisterly advice for Zelda, too.  

The former Texas senator—who became an overnight feminist icon with her epic 11-hour filibuster against an anti-abortion bill in 2013and subsequent campaign for governor—may not be running for office these days, but she’s still running. After a year out of the spotlight, Davis is back on her old political home turf to launch her next act, Deeds Not Words, a nonprofit venture designed to address equal rights for women.

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