News · 05.17.16

Wendy Davis Launches a New Political Group for Young Activists: "DEEDS, NOT WORDS"

Wendy Davis Launches a New Political Group for Young Activists: "DEEDS, NOT WORDS"

Three years after Wendy Davis filibustered for 11 hours straight against new, sweeping abortion restrictions, the Texas Democrat is launching a new organization that aims to help young women create concrete political change. The group, Deeds Not Words, takes its name from an early-20th-century suffragist slogan used by women pushing to demand action from politicians who promised change someday in the future. Davis’s organization aims to be a “digital hub” connecting young activists with existing organizations that work on gender equality issues.

Davis says that since her filibuster and her 2014 campaign for Texas governor, she has spoken with many young women across the country, and the same question keeps coming up: “What can we do?” There are already lots of sites geared toward getting people involved in politics generally, like and Rock the Vote. What will make Deeds Not Words unique is its specific focus on gender equality, says Davis, and its goal to connect young women to concrete actions. Among other projects, the site will host a national calendar of events related to gender equality and downloadable toolkits for activists working on various issues.

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