News · 04.21.16

Wendy Davis Wants to Get More Young Women Interested in Politics

Wendy Davis Wants to Get More Young Women Interested in Politics

It’s been nearly three years since Wendy Davis stood in the Texas State Capitol and filibustered an abortion bill for 11 hours straight, buoyed by her pink sneakers, a back brace, and the knowledge that there were so many women outside the chamber watching her fight and cheering. The bill eventually passed, Davis later lost a gubernatorial bid, and she is now out of politics for the first time in decades. Throughout all of that, however, she’s proven that she’s more than willing to keep trying to get things done — even when the chance of victory seems to be slim — and to encourage others to do the same.

That philosophy seems to drive Deeds Not Words, a nonprofit Davis started that hopes to connect young women interested in politics and policy with organizations devoted to issues like equal pay, campus sexual assault, paid leave, and, of course, reproductive rights. According to Davis, the group, which officially launches in May, will also set up campus charters at 10 yet-to-be-announced universities and colleges, and will release a weekly email newsletter. Davis spoke with MTV News about her new endeavor and, of course, those legendary pink kicks.

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